Welcome to the Medical Scientists Association of Victoria (MSAV) the Victorian Psychologists Association Inc (VPA Inc) and the Association of Hospital Pharmacists (AHP)website.

MSAV, VPA Inc and AHP are the only unions in Victoria which specifically look after the industrial interests of medical scientists (MSAV), psychologists (VPA Inc) and hospital pharmacists (AHP). MSAV, VPA Inc and AHP are component Associations of the Health Services Union (HSU) Victoria No. 4 Branch.

VPA AGM and PD Seminar


This year’s Annual General Meeting for the VPA and the next Professional Development seminar will be held on Wednesday 17 September 2014 at the Tracey Centre in Parkville.

The topic for the professional development is “The diagnosis and management of sleep disorders”, which will be presented by Associate Professor Gerard Kennedy.

Associate Professor Gerard Kennedy has extensive expertise in the diagnosis and psychological treatment of sleep disorders.  He has developed expertise in sleep psychology during more than 20 years of practice as a senior clinical psychologist in the Department(s) of Respiratory and Sleep Medicine at both the Austin Hospital and Monash Medical Centre.  

Save the Date: Wednesday 17 September for the next Professional Development session and the VPA Annual General Meeting

To register your interest for the VPA PD and AGM please contact Alex at alexs[at]msav.org.au

It pays to belong to the Union

A member at one of our major Melbourne Hospitals contacted the Union after her employer had refused her request to come back from maternity leave on a part time basis. The Union approached the employer and sought to appeal the decision as per the Public Sector Enterprise Agreement.

The employer later retracted their refusal and the member will make a return to work after maternity leave with her flexible work arrangements later in the year – It Pays to belong to a Union.

It Pays to belong to the Union is prepared each week by Veronica Belot, an industrial officer at the MSAV/VPA/AHP/HSU4.

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Members are able to access an ever expanding range of material from the Members Only Documents and content pages by registering and logging in. For example: Awards and Enterprise Agreements; Wages, salaries and allowances information; Campaigns; Industrial Relations Commission decisions and variations; Guidelines; Occupational Health and Safety information; Application and Nomination Forms, Reports, Submissions and Association Rules.

This information relates to Medical Scientists, Psychologists, Hospital Pharmacists, Dietitians, Audiologists, Clinical Perfusionists, Medical Physicists, Genetic Counsellors and related health professions in Victoria.

For non-members: Some of the above information related to Wages and Conditions is available from Fair Work Online
Non-members may also find the following helpful: Workplace Rights Advocate (A Victorian State Government Advisory/Advocacy Service), JobWatch (A Free Community Legal Service), ACTU (Inquiries about Workplace Issues), WorkCover (Workplace Safety & Incidents)

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