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It pays to belong to the Union

A member at one of our major Melbourne Hospitals contacted the Union after her employer had refused her request to come back from maternity leave on a part time basis. The Union approached the employer and sought to appeal the decision as per the Public Sector Enterprise Agreement.

The employer later retracted their refusal and the member will make a return to work after maternity leave with her flexible work arrangements later in the year – It Pays to belong to a Union.

It Pays to belong to the Union is prepared each week by Veronica Belot, an industrial officer at the MSAV/VPA/AHP/HSU4.

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The Better Path Plan

Pathology is a key scientific service in delivering Victorians world-class health care.

It is complex pathology science that doctors and specialists rely on to make a diagnosis and to find treatments. Pathology is vital to help make sure that the treatment your doctor or specialist has prescribed is actually working. It’s also the medical scientists in pathology that cross-match blood for life-saving transfusions.

Pathology Blood Banks keep critical clinical services such as accident & emergency, surgery and obstetrics functioning through routine and emergency periods.

Privatising pathology services has caused deterioration in the standards of pathology science for public hospitals. Delays in getting results to critical tests, which adversely impact on quick and timely clinical diagnosis or treatment, has become a permanent feature of privatised pathology services.

At every turn the Victorian Government has cut funding to the health system with little regard for the actual workforce needs of Victoria’s health sector. And with the increasing attacks on budgets, and efforts by hospital managements to do more with less, more medical scientists are walking away. High turnover is now directly impacting on the standard of pathology science practised.

It’s pretty simple to work out – No Medical Scientists = No Diagnosis + No Treatment.

The Better Path Plan has three components that are fundamental to restoring pathology services and ensuring pathology continues to be a strong and vital part of the healthcare of Victorians.

1. Monitor and enforce existing contracts for private pathology services in public health services like hospitals.

2. Return pathology services to the public sector where they have been privatised.

3. No new contracts to be entered into for pathology services with private providers.The Union is calling on all candidates at this year’s State Election to sign our Better Path Plan pledge to show their commitment to having world class healthcare underpinned by strong, public pathology services.

Read the icon Better Path Pledge.

TAKE ACTION: Make sure our Better Path Plan is on the agenda for the State Election – This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Latrobe Regional Hospital and Gippsland Pathology failing Latrobe Valley: MSAV

The Medical Scientists Association of Victoria is deeply concerned that Latrobe Regional Hospital is failing to ensure Gippsland Pathology, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dorevitch Pathology, meets its contracted obligations to deliver essential pathology services on site.

Paul Elliott, Executive Officer of the Medical Scientists Association of Victoria, said:

“Failure by Latrobe Regional Hospital to enforce its own contracts is allowing Gippsland Pathology to dictate the services it will provide rather than delivering the services its contracted to provide; ultimately leaving the Latrobe Valley community with a diminished Hospital service.

“Documents published by the Department of Health - Health Purchasing Victoria reveal the pathology services contracted by Latrobe Regional Hospital require Gippsland Pathology to perform pathology testing on-site.

“We know this is not happening. Gippsland Pathology has moved vital testing off-site, immediately leading to increased turn-around times, a measure in the contract to monitor if tests are completed within strict timeframes, for essential pathology tests and results.

Latrobe Regional Hospital has refused to take any action to force Gippsland Pathology to comply with the contract and perform pathology testing in the hospital.

“And with around 85% of all patient clinical diagnosis based on a pathology test of one form or another, on-time test results are an absolutely vital element to delivering world-class health care.”

“But while the number and volume of pathology testing is significantly increasing we have Gippsland Pathology cutting back the scientific workforce needed to ensure testing is performed at the highest possible standards.

“The Napthine Government’s cuts to funding are forcing public hospitals to outsource and privatise essential services, like pathology.

“Unfortunately for patients in the Latrobe Valley, there are currently no alternatives to private providers who are less concerned about maintaining quality testing by qualified scientists than they do about making huge profits.

“It’s time the Health Minister, David Davis ensures that Latrobe Regional Hospital enforces its contracts with Gippsland Pathology so people living in Latrobe Valley can be assured they are receiving world-class health care, not substandard health care.

“More importantly it shows that the experiment of Local Hospital Boards has failed to deliver the health outcomes Victorians expect and the Napthine Government must end its ideologically driven push for ever more privatisation of health care.”

Less than 50 days until State Election and no Coalition health commitments: MSAV

The Medical Scientists Association of Victoria is very concerned that the Napthine Coalition Government has not produced any policies on healthcare with less than 50 days to go before Victorians elect their next Government.

“It is extremely troubling that we have the Napthine Coalition Government, having been in office for four years, yet to produce a single policy about healthcare and its future,” said Paul Elliott, Executive Officer of the Medical Scientists Association of Victoria.

“The Napthine Government delivered nothing in this year’s budget to address the state’s health problems; and treats Victorians with contempt by not releasing policies so all Victorians know how Napthine intends to deliver world-class healthcare.

“Having shiny advertisements and nicely worded media releases about healthcare doesn’t mean anything without the policies behind them to deliver world’s best healthcare. And to date we have seen nothing from the Napthine Government about how it’s going to deliver world’s best healthcare when it has slashed health funding by $850 million.

“The Napthine Government can’t expect to improve health outcomes by only investing in bricks and mortar while ignoring the need for highly qualified staff, and standing by as essential services, like pathology, are privatised.

“This is about making sure Victoria has the best and brightest scientists, psychologists and pharmacists working in our hospitals and community health centres delivering high quality outcomes for patients.”

Paul Elliott continued:

“To truly improve health care outcomes for Victorians, the state government must invest in its workforce; stop outsourcing services to providers only interested in profits; and end the dumbing down of the workforce required to deliver quality health outcomes to patients.

“The MSAV calls on the Napthine Government to release its policies on healthcare, rethink its healthcare spending and focus on rebuilding the professional health workforce needed to meet growing demand.”

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